AuctionLine is Garnet Capital’s proprietary system for efficiently trading portfolios of all types of loans.

Garnet is committed to utilizing the power of the web, augmented by seasoned professionals, to ensure all trades brought to market close successfully. The internet is a wonderful distribution tool; coupled with real people doing real underwriting and being able to discuss deal points intelligently results in optimal sale execution.

What Do I Get from AuctionLine?


  • Access to due diligence materials anytime, anywhere
  • Materials presented in an organized, easy to digest and price format
  • Online bidding with the ability to customize your bid


  • Understand buyer activity at both gross and granular levels
  • Secure exchange of information
  • Track and watermark documents

What Do I Get from Garnet’s Seasoned Loan Sale Specialists?


  • Pooling relevant to market preferences
  • Garnet’s opinion of value with support
  • Answers to questions related to assets, value or process


  • Demystification of process
  • Hands-on, proactive sale management
  • Realistic market pricing based on constant buyer interactions

Is AuctionLine Secure? YES!

  • Garnet undergoes an ISO 27002 assessment annually. The assessment is performed by SystemExperts, a third-party information security firm, who consistently deems Garnet’s level of compliance to be high: "This is the highest level of compliance achieved by an organization that SystemExperts has reviewed. While most organizations strive for substantial compliance, Garnet far exceeds that measure."
  • Garnet has successfully completed the vendor approval process for FDIC, NCUA, SBA and many of the nation's largest banks.
  • Garnet’s website undergoes periodic third-party vulnerability testing and consistently receives very positive reviews.