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Loan Sale Advisory

Commercial Loans

Loan Sale Advisory

Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

Every asset sale is unique, and can benefit from numerous professionals working together. Garnet assigns a full team to your sale to ensure that every component of value in your portfolio is realized. That team is with you every step of the way — from the initial review, exhaustive market coverage and good old-fashioned salesmanship, to the final sale agreement and post-closing matters. We're not satisfied until we deliver the maximum sale price for your assets, while minimizing your time and effort. We believe in making our knowledge your knowledge. Throughout the process, we'll explain, provide meaningful feedback, answer all your questions, and give you all the information you need to make smart decisions.

Knowing the Markets, Getting Deals Closed

Pricing and certainty of execution are the two most critical components of a loan sale. The bid/ask spread that is present in the market is often a result of a seller not receiving realistic and accurate pricing guidance from their advisor. Garnet’s in-depth valuation prior to marketing combined with its longstanding relationships with buyers across all classes of collateral and performance levels, provides loan sellers with the certainty they need that their portfolio will trade at projected pricing levels. Buyers know Garnet offerings will close. Buyers feel more comfortable spending time on a deal they know will trade, rather than on a deal where the seller has unrealistic expectations.

What Differentiates Garnet in Commercial Loan Portfolio Sales?

Partner Level Attention – Every transaction will receive the benefit of a senior transaction manager with years of experience and dozens of successful deals behind them. Nothing can take the place of personal experience.

Customized Approach – No two portfolios are the same. Garnet will devise an offering and process customized to the client’s needs and goals. We will not try to fit your needs into a cookie cutter or eBay sale process.

Reliability of Execution – Garnet deals close. Garnet will spend an extraordinary amount of time with sellers prior to a sale in order to get the data right and make sure the seller is real at market prices. Buyers take comfort in this process and they will therefore put more time and effort into a Garnet deal.

What are the Critical Factors in a Commercial Sale?

Information – Buyers need well organized, comprehensive data in order to develop a good bid. Concise asset summaries help buyers quickly decide level of interest. Imaged files need to be easily accessible and complete. Tax and title searches remove uncertainty and help uncover real value.

Pooling – Helps buyers get the type of loans they most desire and sellers sell all the loans in a portfolio. Garnet will develop pools to optimize participation, price and pull through. Some factors to consider include, but are not limited to, property type, performance and geography. Pools are often a single asset or relationship.

Closing – The devil is in the details. Fully one third of the value of Garnet occurs after the bid date. Clearing conditions, clarifying comments and closing is where many deals fail. Garnet’s involvement through closing and funding ensures maximum success for buyers and sellers. Closing all the loans in all the pools is what Garnet considers success.