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Garnet Capital is a financial services company specializing in managing loan portfolio sales and providing valuation services.

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Banks and Credit Unions Issue Joint Statement to Reassure Consumers

April 01, 2020

Credit union and bank associations are teaming up to reassure consumers they are healthy and available to help amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

Credit Unions Will Remain Strong Despite Ongoing Stress

March 31, 2020

Credit Unions Will Remain Strong Despite Ongoing Stress

March 30, 2020

Even during times of great economic stress stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, credit unions will remain strong. Consumers should feel reassured knowing their credit unions are keeping client assets secure.

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June 28 - July 1, 2020

HFMA Annual Conference

San Antonio, TX

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September 21 - 23, 2020


Garnet Capital is proud to be an exhibitor at this event! Connect with your peers, share ideas and learn from industry insiders and decision-makers at LEND360. It’s time to get savvy to exclusive online lending insights, expand your business and connect with influencers shaping the fintech industry.

Chicago, IL

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September 30 - October 1, 2020

LendIt 2020

Visit Garnet at Booth #912! Plus Garnet's own Dan Arlotta will be on the panel: "Debt Sales: Optimizing your Recoveries through Debt Sales". Lending and banking are converging. Make sense of this new world at LendIt Fintech USA where fintech leaders gather to connect and reimagine the future of finance.

Charge-Off Pricing Review and Outlook

RMA Magazine Article, November 2018

Small Business Lending: Banks, FinTech, or SBA?

Small businesses have always had a harder time securing financing than their larger brethren, but these challenges have grown even worse in recent years. As economic conditions have improved, fledgling firms have been seeking additional capital to invest and expand. While demand for credit from this sector is growing, many banks are reluctant to provide them the financing they need. Where else can they turn?

Understanding the Evolution of Debt Sales Compliance

The compliance environment for debt sales has evolved significantly over the years. Focusing on several material components provides a framework for understanding these developments, including how information security, government agencies’ debt sales guidelines and the types of debt involved, have progressed.

What trends do you see in the Loan Sale market?

Sean McVity

How does Garnet help a seller?

Sean McVity

What are the 2 most critical aspects of a sale?

Sean McVity

Garnet Capital's Organized, Effective Sales Process

Garnet Capital's Organized, Effective Sales Process

Secondary Residential Loan Sales

Secondary Residential Loan Sales

Legacy Reperforming Prospects

Legacy Reperforming Prospects


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