Andy Carlson
Managing Director
Andy Carlson directs Garnet's Charge-Off Group, which handles distressed debt sales for clients in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Since 1999, Andy has presided over the execution of more than $35 billion in consumer-loan sales and purchases ranging from very large forward contracts to complex, out-of-favor asset transactions. Prior to joining Garnet, Andy served as the Director of Portfolio Management for Jefferson Capital Systems, a major national debt buyer. In this capacity, he was responsible for analysis, pricing, negotiation, closing, and operational integration of portfolio purchases, sales, and other structured transactions in both the U.S. and U.K.; he also led risk management efforts for a growing credit card portfolio. Prior to that, Andy served as an analyst for Residential Funding Corporation’s mergers and acquisitions group. He became responsible for modeling and closing new portfolio purchases for Triadvantage Credit Services, a large national collection agency and debt purchaser. Andy joined Garnet in 2012.
    BS, University of St. Thomas
    Management of Charge-Off Business Line
    Compliance Officer for RMAI Matters