Firm Overview

The Garnet Difference


Garnet was founded to conduct loan sales with the highest levels of trust and integrity in the industry.

Managing Partners

  • 25 years as a team
  • Involved in every assignment
  • Experience in every market cycle

Garnet was Founded By:

Robin Ishmael

Robin Ishmael

Managing Partner

Lou DiPalma

Lou DiPalma

Managing Partner

Sean McVity

Sean McVity

Managing Partner

Closings of all Asset Types

Closings at All Performance Levels

Sales Database of Over 25,000 Secondary Market Participants



Market Coverage




Senior management has over 100 years of combined experience in the loan sale advisory business.



Trading the full range of commercial, residential, consumer and charged-off assets.


Government Advisor

  • FDIC Loan Sale Advisor and Valuation Advisor
  • NCUA Loan Sale Advisor and Valuation Advisor


Garnet is compliant with both PCI-DSS and SOC 2 international data-security standards. Garnet has been vetted by FDIC, NCUA and most major banks.

Our Philosophy - Personalized Attention in a Commoditized World

Customized Approach

No two portfolios are the same and Garnet does not believe a cookie-cutter process is in anyone’s best interests. 

Garnet develops a custom process for each transaction.

This helps buyers and sellers understand the specifics of the current transaction and has led to our nearly perfect closing record.

Partner Attention

A partner-level executive is assigned to every transaction.

Sellers get the benefit of decades of experience and buyers get accurate information and the confidence that the deal will close.

Garnet sales are conducted with the highest levels of care and integrity.

In Touch with the Markets

Companies Visited

In order to get to know a company you must go on site. Garnet’s digital outreach is enhanced by regular visits to our clients.

Individual Meetings

Nothing tops personal contact. Garnet’s significant digital presence is supplemented by ongoing personal outreach by our seasoned sales team.

Conferences Attendance

Garnet Staff attend numerous conferences each year. It is one way Garnet keeps up with industry trends, supports the associations that are vital to our industry, and keeps in touch with all our clients. Garnet professionals are frequent speakers at industry events, giving insight into different markets.

Why Do Buyers and Sellers Trust Garnet?

Since 2004

Why we are successful