Loan Type ID Seller Amount Description Open Date Action(s)
Charge-Offs CO-975 Chartway Federal Credit Union $52 million Charge-off and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Sale Sep 17, 2020
Consumer CNS-977 Undisclosed Credit Union $50-100mm bulk and/or $10mm/month flow Marketplace Bulk and Flow Sale
Charge-Offs CO-1005 Sallie Mae $200 million Fresh Student Loan Charge-offs Aug 12, 2020
Charge-Offs CML-993 National Credit Union Administration $120 million Mixed Asset-Type Sale Sep 17, 2020
Charge-Offs BK-1009 National Auto Lender $6.4 million Secured Chapter 13 Auto Bankruptcies Sep 29, 2020
Charge-Offs BK-1011 Exeter Finance $12 million Auto Charge-off Bankruptcy Sale Sep 30, 2020
Charge-Offs CO-1010 Consumer Finance Company $38 million Consumer Finance Charge-off Sale Sep 28, 2020