Individual Registration:

AuctionLine, Content and Preferences

  • Required for individuals at companies
  • Provide name, company name, email address and state
  • Simple 5-10 minute process to:
    • Create a username and password
    • Select which Sale Announcements you’d like to receive
    • Setup Blog subscription preferences
    • Access protected content
  • Does NOT allow participation in sales – Company Registration is required

Company Registration:

Sale Participation

  • Required for companies (and covers all individuals at the company)
  • Garnet completes most of the process internally
  • Information may be required from the company (survey completion, references, and/or supporting documentation)
  • Participating in any Garnet sale on the AuctionLine page requires Company Registration. When you "Apply for Sale" you will be given the option to request a Company Registration (if your company is not registered). You can also call your Garnet representative at (914) 909-1000 to start the process immediately.