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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Personalized Attention in a Commoditized World

Customized Approach - Garnet believes every transaction is unique and every client distinct. Both can benefit from our rigorous analysis and excruciating attention to detail. Each deal gets partner-level attention and involvement. Garnet has a long history of “Getting It Right”. The markets trust our presentation of data and investment highlights; this trust gives buyers confidence that Garnet deals will trade and enables them to spend the time required to formulate a bid, remove conservative assumptions and bid higher.

Partner Attention - The partners of Garnet have sold loans in every boom and bust cycle, every bull and bear market, and in high and low interest rate environments through the 1980s, 1990s and into the current millennium. We understand, and can explain to you, how your transaction will be viewed by the market. We can anticipate issues and guide clients to execute a transaction that most meets their goals. Complex, opaque markets become transparent as you utilize the eyes, ears and skills of Garnet to gain the knowledge you need to make accurate decisions. The Garnet partners are intimately involved in the success of every assignment.