Garnet to participate in industry conferences CBA LIVE and LendIt USA

“In March and mid-April, loan sale advisory firm Garnet Capital Advisors plans to attend two industry conferences in Florida and New York..."

March 2015
Publication - PR Newswire
Featuring - Lou Dipalma

Garnet to exhibit at the Debt Buyers Association (DBA) International conference

"Attending the DBA has become the critical kick-off to our year," DiPalma said. "This conference brings important industry participants together and the association focuses on how to promote industry best practices and communication in many ways..."

January 2015
Publication - PR Newswire
Featuring - Lou Dipalma

Regulation and the Debt Sales Market: How Do You Adapt?

“To work effectively in the new system, one has to understand the parts of the new regulatory apparatus and how they impact the roles of all parties in the debt sales space…”

October 2014
Publication - DBA Magazine
Featuring - Sean McVity & Andy Carlson

Problems Riddle Moves to Collect Credit Card Debt

"The same problems that plagued the foreclosure process — and prompted a multibillion-dollar settlement with big banks — are now emerging in the debt collection practices of credit card companies..."

August 12, 2012
Publication - nytimes.com
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Home Sales Held Hostage by Junior Lien Holders: Mortgages

"The handful of companies that dominate the secondary market for nonperforming second liens are trying to persuade large banks to sell their portfolios of subordinate debt, said Lou DiPalma, managing partner at Garnet Capital Advisors..."

July 23, 2012
Publication - Businessweek.com
Featuring - Louis DiPalma

Fear and Lending in New York: With Regulators on Their Backs, Banks Get Too Timid

"A lender will put loans on the market for a number of reasons. They include: to decrease its nonperforming loans, to reduce the concentration of one type of loan, to reduce its investment in one geographic area or to free up capital..."

April 2, 2012
Publication - therealdeal.com
Featuring - Louis DiPalma

In Debt Collecting, Location Matters

"Brokers for distressed debt say investors like states such as Illinois, Maryland and New Jersey, where laws permit them to seize assets such as cars, pension payments and a portion of debtors' wages. Consequently, they try to buy loan pools..."

July 18, 2011
Publication - wsj.com
Featuring - Louis DiPalma

Debt Buyers Wrestle With A Bear Market

"There is always a lull in the first couple months of the new year because of the flurry of deals towards to the end of the prior year,” says Lou Dipalma, a partner at debt sales broker Garnet Capital Advisors..."

February 11, 2011
Publication - PaymentsSource.com
Featuring - Louis DiPalma

Lower Supply Lifts Bad-Debt Prices

"To improve earnings from the sale of charged-off debt, many consumer lenders are putting less of it on the market. The strategy is working as prices have ..."

May 13, 2010
Publication - Americanbanker.com
Featuring - Louis DiPalma

Bad-Debt Portfolio Prices Rising

"Prices of bad-debt portfolios have gone up in recent weeks, with prices of fresh debt improving at a faster rate than ..."

March 26, 2010
Publication - Americanbanker.com
Featuring - Louis DiPalma