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Garnet professional staff periodically composes industry specific thought and informational pieces. Some of these pieces have been reproduced in industry journals or become the basis for speeches and presentations at conferences and other events. As such, Garnet is a frequently quoted source on whole loan sale topics. A Garnet registration and log-in is generally required to view White Papers.

Capital Market Expertise for Specialty Finance

How Garnet Can Help Via Warehouse Facility and Whole Loan Sales

End-to-End Fintech Loan Sale Services

Your Capital Markets Liquidity Solution

Forward Flow Sales

Why Sell Charged-off Accounts on a Forward Flow?

Garnet Charge-Off Capabilities

Commercial Loan Sales in 2021: A Golden Opportunity to Cut Your Risk

In 2021, the loan-sale market offers a tremendous opportunity for sellers who know how to pick their spots.

Garnet 1st Q 2021 Resi Newsletter

Residential Mortgage Market COVID Impact

Garnet Capital provides an update and overview of the current Residential Mortgage Market for 3rd Quarter 2020, including pricing trends, market outlook and risk factors.

COVID Vulnerability Assessment Model (“COVAM”)

For sellers of commercial loans, portfolio assessments and sale decisions have been upended due to economic and public-health considerations around COVID-19. Garnet developed its COVID-19 Vulnerability Assessment Model (“COVAM”) to help lenders identify COVID-19 related exposures which may impact both credit decisions and secondary-market loan sale projects.

Charge-Off Pricing Review and Outlook

RMA Magazine Article, November 2018

Small Business Lending: Banks, FinTech, or SBA?

Small businesses have always had a harder time securing financing than their larger brethren, but these challenges have grown even worse in recent years. As economic conditions have improved, fledgling firms have been seeking additional capital to invest and expand. While demand for credit from this sector is growing, many banks are reluctant to provide them the financing they need. Where else can they turn?

Understanding the Evolution of Debt Sales Compliance

The compliance environment for debt sales has evolved significantly over the years. Focusing on several material components provides a framework for understanding these developments, including how information security, government agencies’ debt sales guidelines and the types of debt involved, have progressed.

Due Diligence is Crucial When Considering Loan Sales

Loan sales can significantly benefit banks and other financial institutions, whether these organizations want to bolster their income by buying portfolios or free themselves up to issue more credit by selling them. However, sellers will need to be familiar with the current compliance environment, which is intricate and constantly evolving. Sales that fail to address and successfully navigate this framework of rules and regulations can run into many different problems...