Individual Registration:

AuctionLine, Content and Preferences

  • Required for individuals at companies
  • Provide name, company name, email address and state
  • Simple 5-10 minute process to:
    • Create a username and password
    • Select which Sale Announcements you’d like to receive
    • Setup Blog subscription preferences
    • Access protected content
  • Does NOT allow participation in sales – Company Registration is required

Company Registration:

Sale Participation

  • Required for companies (and covers all individuals at the company)
  • Recommended to be completed by vendor approval / compliance personnel with knowledge about acquisition activity
  • Comprehensive process to:
    • Register the company to participate in loan sales
    • Process takes between 15 minutes and 60 minutes on average depending on
      • type of company (i.e. bank or hedge fund or private debt buyer)
      • the number of different loan types your company is interested in
      • complete information speeds the process
    • Process includes some or all of the following (depending on company type):
      • Answering questions
      • Providing market experience references