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June 2, 2014

Emerge Conference Arrives

Financial services industry participants looking to get a fresh view of this particular sector might consider attending the upcoming conference EMERGE: The Forum on Consumer Financial Services Innovation.

2014 event: Los Angeles
The event, which will be held between June 4 and 6 in Los Angeles, California, will feature several distinguished speakers. Various market experts, including academics and individuals who have worked their way up in a corporate setting, will be involved in the discussions.

In addition, investors, executives, retailers, policymakers, consumer advocates, technology entrepreneurs and employees of non-profits are all expected to attend.

Prior versions of annual conferences
The Center for Financial Services Innovation has held this event annually since 2006, and every year it has been a forum where industry participants from all types of companies can gather. As a result, they have opportunities to network, brainstorm and collaborate when addressing their industry challenges.

New focus of conference
CFSI previously called the event the Underbanked Financial Services Forum. However, the organization has changed the name of this annual gathering to reflect the evolution the financial services industry has undergone in the last several years.

The term "underbanked" was created to denote Americans who do lack access to many traditional resources that people in more affluent demographics can harness. However, bank accounts do not have the same weight they had before in the financial services industry.

Everyday Americans have more sophisticated needs, and CFSI renamed and repurposed the event with this situation in mind. Many of these individuals face significant challenges in their efforts to be more effective at saving, borrowing, spending and planning for their future financial goals.

In an effort to help the underserved overcome these challenges, the organization will hold workshops and discussions at its industry event. These resources could potentially benefit both everyday consumers, by giving them greater insight into the market, and also service providers, by helping them to service their customers more effectively.

By using a whole new angle for its annual conference, CFSI has shown its commitment to staying current with the latest market developments and giving underserved consumers what they need. The organization noted that these individuals represent an industry that is emerging in nature, but burgeoning.