March 17, 2020

Garnet Institutes Pandemic Response Protocol and Is Open for Business

EXCERPT:  Amidst the spreading coronavirus, Garnet Capital is taking appropriate measures for all staff and remains open for business for all our valued clients.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, businesses like Garnet Capital are doing what's necessary to protect staff while simultaneously continuing to provide services to our clients.

Given the startling situation that's plaguing the entire world these days as a result of the novel coronavirus, people all across the globe are understandably concerned, both for health reasons and for fears of an economic downturn. Individuals may have a certain amount of control over how they protect themselves and others from COVID-19, as the new coronavirus is now called, but they also depend on the businesses they deal with to take measures to protect those they deal with. And you can place Garnet Capital on that list of responsible businesses.

Coronavirus an Increasing Concern Across the Globe

As of this writing, there have been over 127,000 reported infections and more than 4,700 deaths around the world as a result of the coronavirus. And that number is changing by the day, if not the hour.

But while the situation is undoubtedly overwhelming right now, government entities and public health organizations are putting measures in place that are designed to contain the virus and minimize its impact on the general public. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently implementing appropriate response and preparedness plans and providing advice to communities on how to curb the spread of the virus while dealing with those already infected with it.

Government Bodies and Businesses Step Up To Deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Travel bans have been put in place by various governments, including here in the US, with the most recent ban involving European travel. Hospitals and medical facilities are ramping up their front line staff and facilities to prepare for the care of a sudden influx of COVID-19 patients.

Luckily, the protocols in place in the wake of a possible flu outbreak have prepared leaders for a potential pandemic. Still, they didn't expect that such measures of preparation would be put in place for something other than influenza. Now, the current pandemic guidance created to deal with a potential flu outbreak is being used to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

And businesses are doing their own part by boosting sanitation efforts to keep workplaces free of germs, being more flexible with sick leave benefits, and even allowing employees to work from home.

Garnet Capital joins these proactive businesses by placing an appropriate coronavirus pandemic protocol in place.   All employees are on a remote working basis, and we are still open for business and expect to be for the long haul, even amidst the looming coronavirus.

Garnet Capital - Open For Business

In achieving many of the certifications necessary for digital and business continuity, Garnet Capital has had long-standing protocols in place to address issues such as COVID-19. One of the instituted and practiced procedures is for staff to work at home if access to one or more Garnet offices is compromised. In an abundance of caution, Garnet has executed this plan, and the organization's staff are working remotely until further notice.

Garnet would like to reassure everyone that there is no fall-off in the service being provided to clients or the market.

Garnet is open for business. Get in touch with us to discuss your plans during these trying times.

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